Our service.

Best service.

Here at Daxway we focus on quality and in doing so we are able to produce the most amazing Customer Service Professionals with the Arise Virtual Solutions Network. Our company focuses on the success of those that choose us to connect their companies with our awesome clients. We are dedicated to making YOU, who choose us to mentor your company to be the BEST performing company in the industry.

Support Specialist

Support Managers are in place to help you with your company metrics and quality. We encourage you to meet with your Quality Assurance Support specialist often and to always look for ways to improve and grow!

Support Community

Here at Dax way We have a very active support community and a direct line of communication so someone is always quick to communicate with you and get you the assistance you need!

Support Serviices

We have a broad range of information that is provided to you to help your business grow and become successful with your client. We have a special support line and online community where we are available for guidance and support to get you on your way!

Invoice Processing

You will receive an invoice in detail identical to that which we receive from our partner. 

All bonuses and incentives offered to your business by your client will be included. Nothing will ever be hidden or held back.

Record Keeping

A copy of your client opportunity, Statement of Work (SOW) and Independent Contractor Agreement is kept on file for the duration of time in which you provide services to the client. You are also given a copy of your SOW for your own records which outlines your pay rate and contractual expectations.

Have a question? we will assist you!