Nintendo Switch Place Holder Price Listed By Toys R Us

The Nintendo Switch was finally unveiled late last month in a short video that showed off the hybrid console in action. The full reveal isn’t coming until January 12, where the price and specific release date will be announced, but a major retailer may have given us a potential indication of the system’s price.

Toys R Us Canada now has a listing for the Nintendo Switch on their page that gives details about the console that we know, though no release date. However, the most interesting part is it has a placeholder price of $329.99.

Considering this is from Toys R Us Canada though, this is based on the Canadian dollar, which would roughly translate to around $243. With the fluctuating dollar, it appears they essentially thing that the console would cost around $249.99 though in US dollars.

Sites often put up place holder release dates and prices for products that is an estimate of what they are expecting it to cost at least. Sometimes these can be right on target while others can sometimes be way off.

A lot of predictions have put the price of the Nintendo Switch at anywhere between $249.99 and $349.99, so it will definitely be interesting to see what ends up being the price when Nintendo reveals it on January 12.

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